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Buff Babes Beautiful Butts

Like a firm ass on a muscle slut?

"Like my butt? You better! I've spent LONG hours in the gym doing squats and leg lifts. I had seen myself in a bikini in a picture my boyfriend took one summer and my ass looked like a dimpled bag of mashed potatos! I was SO ashamed and sickened, that I SWORE I'd hit the gym and work out until my ass was hard and tight - and I did! Look at it now! IT'S ROCK HARD! Being a muscle girl takes a lot of hard work but it's worth it when you look at your naked body in the mirror. Now I just LOVE to wear the smallest thong bikini I can find. It gets me hot knowing guys and gals are starring at my "buff butt" and admiring it's shape. Of course my man loves it too, he says just seeing my bare ass gets his cock hard..."

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Posted: Thursday 7th May 2009, 8:00 PM

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